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The Loss of Virtue

June 4th, 2012

When the nation becomes un-virtuous it loses its moral compass, it loses its sense of right and wrong. Things that used to be viewed clearly as wrong now become shades of gray. Why is that? People that would not think of stealing from a store, see absolutely nothing wrong with stealing things from a hotel maid service cart such as water, sodas, candies or other beverages, which would be replaced into the now provided in room refrigerators and services lockers.  Is it only because the risk of being caught is greatly reduced?  One must ask whether or what is the role of one’s conscience in these actions. would one assume that a person would do these things has no conscience.  In essence is a sociopath?

Three generations ago, virtue didn’t have to be taught in school, it was understood what ethical behavior was.  Honestly, integrity were hallmarks of good citizenship, traits held by many, now it seems they are traits held by very very few, and generally disdained in society.

One in that one must ask why that is?  I believe it is because fundamentally, we have stopped teaching the concept of virtue in the home, in the churches, in the schools.  We have stopped requiring and expecting people to be honest.  We have stopped requiring and expecting people to be virtuous.  There is a line in scripture that says let virtue garnished thy thoughts unceasingly.  What does it mean to have virtuous thoughts? Doesn’t it only mean we avoid the morass of sexual perversion and lust?  It means that we think good thoughts, that we think honorable thoughts, that we think of ourselves as our best self.  That we think of others more than we think of ourselves.  That we embrace the tenents of the Golden rule, do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

However, today we have a complete generation of children growing up with the belief that cheating is only wrong if you get caught, that stealing is only wrong if you get caught. That sexual immorality is only wrong, if you get caught or if you contract a disease or pregnancy results.  The net effect of this moral and spiritual loss of virtue brings about abortion, heartache and distrust of those within our society, who we share this great country with.

The subject of virtue was so important to the founding fathers that one of them,  Thomas Jefferson actually wrote a book about it called the Book of Virtues.  Benjamin Franklin said the nation that was not virtuous,  didn’t deserve to be free.

We need to see that virtue is taught in our homes and our schools, our churches and is expected by those we meet and deal with in society. We should not let others off for the sake of avoiding confrontation.  Virtue will only become the expected norm, when it’s actually expected and what it sought for and demanded by all mankind from their friends and neighbors, politicians, and family members.  Virtue is one of the seven cornerstones of a free society, we will discuss the the other pillars at another time, suffice it to say the role of a patriot is to instill virtue,  In those around them.  They must teach the concept of virtue to their families, to their children, to their friends, to their neighbors, such that all mankind living in the United States of America, returned to a belief of being virtuous, that virtue is at trait kept in practice near to their hearts.  Patriots understand that it was the great virtues of the founding fathers that resulted in this great land within which we live.  Patriots understand that the loss of virtue will surely result in the loss of freedom in the downfall of yet another great nation.  We must not let that happen.

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