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The Problems With Welfare

June 4th, 2012

Welfare is a cancer which eats upon a nation. Welfare depletes resources both human and economic.  Welfare robs self-esteem and depletes the most valuable resource.   A nation that has the confidence and self-esteem of its people. When people get trapped in generational welfare, this is where their parents were welfare recipients and or grandparents were welfare recipients.  It produces a sense of poverty and hopelessness, it produces a sense of entitlement that they are somehow entitled to receive this for some past injustice occurring generations ago.  This is the Devils beat, this robs Americans from their rightful place as productive citizens in our society.  This causes them to believe that they are somehow entitled to receive the same standard of living that others toil and labor to earn for themselves and their families.

When we indulge this fantasy.  We somehow think that the government, the nebulous undefined government can and should take care of all humans.  Clearly, we understand that this only happens when all of the income of those that work is taken to support those that don’t. One of the great lessons we learn in civilization is that man will be lazy if given the opportunity to do so, if he need not toil for his bread he will not,  the Bible teaches a lesson that was given to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.  Adam was told that by the sweat of his brow.  He should eat bread, what that implies was that man would work to have food. He would work for the things that would sustain his life and that of his family.

When we create a situation where a standard of living is equal to or greater than those that work in the workplace obtain, this breeds jealousy and contempt.  This breeds anger in the persons that work. They see no reason for hard labor, while others clearly get a standard of living provided to them with no tangible effort on their part.

Welfare reform is one of the single biggest challenges to the safety and security of the United States.  When welfare dollars are not so easily obtained others from other nations will be less inclined to try to gain access to our country than they are presently.  In many nations, poverty is so rampant and in of such great degree that it becomes worth any risk to get to America because we in their eyes provide a standard of living.  Even at the welfare level, it is much, much greater than they have known and we provide it freely to all people, citizen and non-citizen alike.  This is simply unfair to American workers who for far too long have struggled to achieve a measure of independence and a measure of reward for the efforts of their labor.

Real welfare reform occurs when men and women are required to provide services to the country for the benefits received.  This starts to move them from a period of welfare to a period of workfare. All-Americans can and should work to provide for this for sustaining of their lives and families.  In an age of technology.  There are limitless opportunities for the homebound and handicapped and the unemployed to to labor on behalf of the United States, there citizenship.  Indeed, their self-esteem should mandate to them that they would work rather than sit idle.  Our country has great needs needs that could be fulfilled by those currently on the welfare rolls.

Shortly after the Great Depression, President Roosevelt created the American work projects.  This gave jobs to many of the unemployed working on roads, highways, bridges and other public works projects to help society and the greater civilization as a whole to improve.  This gave those unemployed, a job, a hope, a way to feel that they were paying their way.  They were earning their keep.  They were contributing to the great fabric of America.  This is what we need to do today.  People need to earn their keep.  This is important, not solely for economic reason and the balance of the welfare deficit.  This is important in the human deficit, the deficit of self-esteem.  Protracted unemployment robs the human spirit of self-reliance, esteem, and the belief that they can be more than they presently are.

Patriots young and old understand clearly that all Americans must work or America soon will no longer be free.  It is imperative that all Americans support welfare reform or realistically the abolishment of welfare and in its place, workfare.  This does two things, this gives people with low skills the opportunity to have skills, to develop skills, and to grow in self-esteem and hope for a better day for them and their families.  This is the dream, that is America.

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